Creating Quality Beverages & Lasting Relationships

Who We Are

At The Functional Beverage Group we create products thoughtfully. We’re continually adapting our practices to be more health forward, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are the home of Healthy Hooch Kombucha and Thrive Remedies, both certified organic and functional beverages. We are committed to creating high-quality beverages with an emphasis on health, function and flavour. Premium ingredients and premium flavour. We are now offering services to help other businesses bring their beverage dreams to life. We are in the midst of expanding our in house product offering and our contract production/private label services.

Our Services

Flavour Development

Have an idea or recipe but aren’t sure how to scale, we can help.

Brand Development

We have a team that specializes in bringing your story and vision to life.

White Label

We deal with production so you don’t have to.

House Brands

We offer co-packaging services.


If you have a product you want made and distributed, we can help.

Our Values

Quality & Transparency

Being truthful, open and honest about all of our business practices. From the team culture we’re promoting to the ingredients we source and plant ourselves.

Integrity & Relationships

Treating our team, our consumers, our customers and anyone impacted by our company with respect and dignity. Celebrating individuality and perspectives other than our own. Promising to never let egos halt growth, and to listen and continue learning.


We are committed to growing a sustainable and environmentally friendly company. We put efforts into conserving water and energy and into composting materials like paper towels, fruit fibres and tea leaves. As we grow we strive to reduce our impact and footprint because we believe in doing good for people and doing good for the planet.

Health for Ourselves & the World

We are committed to creating natural and health focused products. Ones that we are proud to share, and that consumers can trust. We encourage and embody health, from the packaging to our products, our team and our business.

Our Story

Healthy Hooch Kombucha was created by the founder’s Will & Shoshauna Routley three years ago. They had just retired from professional sport and began the company on their two-acre hobby farm located in the Fraser Valley. Since then, they have expanded into multiple brands and now run the business on a ten-acre farm where they plan to grow many of the ingredients that go into their products.

The former professional road cyclists spent over ten years on the road together, training and racing all over the world. They had the opportunity to search out healthy, functional foods during their travels and gained a love for companies that put quality and care into their products. They have always had a passion for health and nutritious food, and have found a way to share that passion with you!