the founders of the functional beverage group

Our Story

Healthy Hooch Kombucha was created by the founder’s Will & Shoshauna Routley three years ago. They had just retired from professional sport and began the company on their two-acre hobby farm located in the Fraser Valley. Since then, they have expanded into multiple brands and now run the business on a ten-acre farm where they plan to grow many of the ingredients that go into their products. They have always had a passion for health and nutritious food, and have found a way to share that passion with you!

Mission & Vision

The Functional Beverage Group strives to be an honourable company; we not only want to produce delicious, health-focused beverages, we want to cultivate a strong sense of community and inclusivity through our team, products, brand, voice and day to day operations. Our goal is to make healthy, functional foods, not only more attainable but more readily available to everyone.

three girls drinking healthy hooch kombucha